Our Products

Wine Racks, wine racks and more wine racks, with candle holders, and the occasional diversion into spice racks, we stick to what we are good at don't try to be something we are not.

All timbers are sourced locally whenever possible, from managed resources, focusing on British Hardwoods, such as Oak, Elm, Yew, Beech. Reclaimed timbers, such as Oak and Pine, are also very popular, many are from old textile Mills, modernised Halls and renovated Barns and may have even been ship timbers, if only they could talk they would have some tales to tell.

We can also cater for customers who may want to supply their own timber and obviously bespoke work too. Production is just between ourselves, so a small, but perfectly crafted team. Customers enjoy our enthusiasm for our natural yet unique product as every piece is different, unusual in this day of age of mass production.

Our Wine Rack is designed to store the bottles totally horizontally, which keeps the cork (where still applicable) moist. Solid wood is also a natural insulator so consequently the wine temperature does not fluctuate and is keeps the wine at a reasonably cool but constant temperature.

Rack and Ruin Wine Racks are all individual pieces, whether classic or contemporary, country or minimalistic, these character pieces will make a fabulous feature, and talking point!